December 2014





We get lost in special days this time of year—preparing for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and
New Year’s celebrations can sort of soak up the months at the end of the year. If you are
connected to any students in the community, you probably have holiday concerts and
parties to attend or prepare for. If you have family, you probably have to either pack up for
a trip or prepare your place for these guests.

When the special gathering or holiday finally arrives, it can really outshine everything else.
It is easy to see and know the extraordinary at a Candlelight Christmas Eve Service. The
presence of God can almost feel tangible in the warm light, gathered families, and familiar
songs and stories. It is a special worship on a holy evening with the elements and people
that can bring us into a real sense of something sacred.

Moments like that are special, but do special moments need to be so rare? An illustration
from Kierkegaard’s Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing, may be helpful when applied to this

“Now the unspeakable is like the murmuring of a brook. If you go buried in your own
thoughts, if you are busy, then you do not notice it at all in passing. You are not aware
that this murmuring exists. But if you stand still, then you discover it. And if you have
discovered it, then you must stand still.”1

There is sacred all around us—every day we are surrounded
by the world God created. Every day we encounter children
of God. We are given the chance to wonder, to be in awe of
this extraordinary existence, every moment of our lives.
Whether it is Christmas Eve or just Tuesday, November 25,
today is a special day, and it is filled with the little miracles of
the everyday.

In these next few weeks, take the opportunities to stand in
awe and wonder. Pause, wherever you are, and look around
you. Take note of what is there. Take note of who is there. Remember that they are a
miracle. You are a miracle. The moment you are living, whatever moment that is, is filled
with wonder and blessing.

This moment is filled with the everyday sacred.


1 Soren Kierkegaard, Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing, (Radford, VA: Wilder Publications, 2008), 16.