April 2014



Pastor Nate’s Peace

For me Lent is the inward journey to understand my sinful ways and to deepen my spiritual well being. Easter then, is the outward journey of sharing the joy of what I have learned and for Christ’s death and resurrection. However, I must say that the inward and outward journey of each season is not mutually exclusive to one season or the other. As we learn about mission statement of Hope Lutheran Church during Lent, I am stretched to grow in my faith.

During our Ash Wednesday service we shared about how sin separates us from God, our neighbors, and creation. Our Lenten disciplines of repentance, fasting, prayer, and works of love help us to confront the evils that draw us from God. We are called during the Lenten journey to become aware of our sin and struggle with our shortcomings, so that we can repent, change our ways, and be released from the tight grip of sin that keeps us from experiencing the freedom of God’s love.

Easter allows for our introspective look to turn outward. We have been learning through our Lenten Wednesday evening worship about our mission statement and how it informs us to have the best relationship we can with God and to share, show and serve God faithfully in our daily living.

How is Lent changing or helping me? And how will Easter be evidence of God’s word directing me? Ponder these questions, pray about them, ask others to share with you and see the power of God around you. We receive the great gift of God’s love in Jesus Christ, a gift that calls us to love one another, to be servants to each other, and to proclaim the Good News message.

Resurrection is glorious as God delivers us from the power of sin, death and the devil. As we are made a new creation, restored each and every day, I pray that we may daily die and find the joy of Christ in our lives to be shared through our lives of faith. This can be hard to do, because the world preaches and expects us to follow its lead rather than God’s word.

As we transition to Easter, surround yourself with positive relationships, act faithfully, give thanks for the power of God’s love showered upon you each day and encourage others to bask in the everlasting life as we share in mission for the future.