October 2014



Pastor Nate’s Peace

One of our Praise Team songs goes like this:
Change my heart oh God, make it ever true,
Change my heart oh God, may I be like you.
You are the potter; I am the clay mold me and
Make me, this is what I pray.

This song lyric is based on Isaiah 64:8. Change is all around us and I am reminded of this as we have officially made it to fall. We experience change in our temperature, the color of the leaves, and the shortening of daylight. This doesn’t happen overnight or as an event, these changes are a process. God calls for changes in our lives too. Each new day we are called to be a changed people, turning from sin to live for God alone. The changes we make to turn to God are faithful responses to God’s call in our lives.

We are in the process of embracing change through our renovation and building project to develop ministry, storage, and future expansion to existing ministry and new areas of mission. When we share words like discipleship, mission, fellowship, ministry, and being a child of God they are concepts of change to develop the people we are in Christ Jesus and invite others along with us.
The three circles demonstrate our current goals that overlap in the three primary areas of worship
and education, youth and family, and space assessment. For some time now we have been striving to develop the way we see ourselves and commit to a future place to be in ministry. As we embrace our goals of two worship services, welcoming youth and families to share in ministry together and embark on raising funds for renovation and building project, weekly we see progress to attain these goals. It is easy to disengage, let someone else do the work or just talk about these goals, but I hope you see the investment of time, labor, and prayer the congregation has invested over the past fouryears that seek to make a difference in peoples’ lives with these focused goals.

October is an important month for us as continue the process, change and work toward our goals of developing our ministries here at Hope for the future of many who are touched by Sharing God’s Word, Showing God’s Love, and Serving God’s World.