September 2014



Pastor Nate’s Peace

Our Christian life is an adventure filled with excitement, energy, risk, and growth. It is not always easy to be adventurous – safety, comfort, and personal needs at times trump even the best intentions. When we become cautious or fill our lives with our own important commitments, eventually we leave little if any time or space for God and soon we forget the One who has given us all that we have.

September is the month we restart our Sunday school classes, adult education, confirmation, and kickoff our renovation and building project known as: “Hope…Faith…Future.” In the coming month we will be paying attention to our spiritual practices in response to God’s blessings and constant care for us, even when we forget God. Jesus teaches us time and again to be joyful, generous, loving, thankful, and wise with all that we have and do.

Much like the twelve apostles, who in following God are referred to as disciples – followers and/or believers, we too are called to a life of discipleship, following God with faithful response to a loving God. I hope you consider yourself a disciple, who is challenged by God daily to follow faithfully. I am excited each new day to consider the possibilities God has in store for me/us. Over the past three to four years, we have studied and determined the need for space and storage to meet the needs of our growing ministry. We have also realized that we need property enhancements and have an aging building that needs updates especially our bathrooms. As the congregation met with the architect I could not help but think about how we can serve God in new ways.

I can imagine space for our youth to play and share in activities rather than being in overcrowded spaces. I see our musicians having a place to practice that doesn’t require countless hours of coordination, setup, and takedown for rehearsal and playing. I see the ability to host larger gatherings with room to walk and sit without feeling hemmed in because the tables and chairs are too close. More people want to share together with us as we have seen many new member classes join us, but if we continue to think and do things the way we always have, we exclude the possibilities, the freshness, and the willingness of others to be part of God’s kingdoms goal of sharing the Good News.

Your worship is an act of faith, your caring is an act of faith, your giving is an act of faith, and your response is a act of faith. The need is before us, the people of Hope, disciples’ of Christ to serve God faithfully for the future strength of God’s kingdom.