day June 24






Sunday Worship 8:00 & 10:15 am:

Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays

Praise Team Worship – 2nd Sunday of the month

Heartland House Worship - every3rd Sunday, 11:00am, West Lounge 668 Cummings Rd, Wautoma

October 5 – Touchdown Sunday & Special Fellowship Meal with Program: What is Touchdown Sunday? This is the culmination and celebration of our month long“Hope…Faith…Future” program. This is the day we reach the end zone of sharing in the last month of faith talks, prayer, bulletin inserts, brochures, and fellowship display tables to more fully inform the congregation. A special catered fellowship meal will be shared on this Sunday after each worship service at 9:00 am and 11:15 am to celebrate with one another our commitment financially to the renovation and building project. Thank you to Ed & Lisa Klinger of the Moose Inn for donating their services and to a supportive family who has donated and who feels it is important to celebrate with a meal free of charge. The support we raise over the next three years will determine what renovating and building we will do. If you have further questions about what the project please ask a council member, space assessment task force member or your pastors for clarification.

October 26 – Reformation Sunday
This is a festival worship day in the life of the congregation. It is a day focused on knowing God truthfully and in the proces understanding who we are as children of God in light of God's unbelievable grace. Martin Luther spent a great deal of time trying to know who God was and to find ways of expressing what he came to know and believe so that others would know God too. He devoted his life in service to God and wrote hymns using tunes people knew and recognized. When he wrote the catechism, that we still use today, he used language his children could understand. He even translated the Bible into the language people spoke. Truth about God and our faith, as complex as it is, should be something we can grasp and wrestle with.

Reformation Sunday is certainly a festival day where we celebrate and remember our history, but it should also be a day to reexamine our faith.