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Mission Endowment Fund

What is the Mission Endowment Fund?

The Mission Endowment Fund of Hope Lutheran Church wasauthorized on January 25, 2009, at the annual meeting of the congregation. A mission Endowment Fund is a means by which special gifts of members, friends of the congregation, organizations, corporations, etc. can be received and distributed to extend the programs and ministries of Hope Lutheran Church.

The Fund is a separate fund from the weekly contributions of the members which supports the regular budgetary requirements of the church. The Fund is not intended to interfere with or supplement the regular stewardship or other programs of the church.

What Will the Fund Do For Our Congregation?

The Fund is to enhance the mission of Hope Lutheran church apart from the general operations of the congregation.The fund generates an ongoing source of income, enabling the people of God at Hope Church to expand and continue their vision of stewardship and support. It allows the congregation to respond to important needs and new ventures.

A gift to the Endowment Fund is an act of estate stewardship, reflecting the lift of a faithful steward. Such a gift, whether given during one's lifetime or through one's estate, is especially satisfying to the giver, in that it will continue to serve the purposes and people of our Lord Jesus Christ as long as His Church shall stand.

As a practical matter, because federal law encourages charitable giving, including the fund in estate planning makes it possible to contribute gifts to the Endowment Fund that would otherwise be spent in taxes.

How Will the Fund Be Used?

The principle will remain intact, and the earnings will be distributed. The fund shall accumulate until a principle of $25,000.00 is achieved, after which the income generated from the investment of the principal shall be distributed annually.

Ten to twenty-five percent may go for Global Missions.

Ten to twenty-five percent may go to Regional/Synodical and for missions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Up to forty percent may be used for local community, for capital improvements, debt reduction for a building program, or for the development of any special ministry of the Congregation.

Up to forty percent may be used for Ministry at Hope Lutheran; for any one or all of the above designated areas in any proportions as determined by the Committee.

One can specify how they wish their gift to be used. However, because needs change, and for accounting reasons, it is encouraged that most gifts to the Fund will be unspecified towards use.

No portion of the income is to be used for the congregation's operating budget.

How Can I Make a Gift?

There are a number of ways in which you can give to the Mission Endowment Fund:

GIFTS BY WILL - Bequests recognize the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to support the programs of the Fund.

CASH GIFTS - Memoralizing or honoring a family member or friend on a special occasion.

IRAs, PROFIT SHARING & 401(K)s - Because these assets can be subject to both income & estate tax at death, designation the Church as a beneficiary can avoid all taxes & minimize the value of the assets & reduce the taxes to be paid.

INSURANCE - You may wish to designate the fund as a beneficiary of your policy.

LIFE INCOME AGREEMENTS - Making a gift while maintaining income.

CHARITABLE TRUSTS - Trusts are a very useful tool for estate planning and they can be tailored to serve your special needs.

If you are considering a donation to the Hope Mission Endowment Fund, please contact the office by phone at 920-787-3920 or by email.

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